FelipeRadio is a radio station coming 1st January 2017. It is for radios but its also an exclusive radio network for cars. Along with advertisments and songs, FelipeRadio plays the audio of Felipebross Network shows for kids to enjoy. It goes on 1:00am to 11:15pm and until 11:16pm to 12:59, it will play adults only shows audio.


1:00am to 11:15pmEdit

◾Ice Cube Adventures ◾Meowflash TV ◾The Koopatroopaman Show ◾Silly Songs with Yellow Face ◾The Egg, Felipebross, Johnbross, Eddybross and Rusty Show ◾Nitrome Adventures ◾Object Scratchers ◾The Felipebross and Eddybross Show ◾The Koopatroopaman Show ◾The Stylish World of KeithyBross ◾Count Brick ◾The Smiley and Blocky Show (DAYLIGHT)(Scratch Cartoons) ◾Jay's World ◾Meowflash TV ◾FelipeCast All Stars ◾FLDSMDFR Shorts ◾Total Bross Island ◾Droid Wars ◾Alex&Friends ◾Tiny Toons New Adventures ◾Super Mario: The Series ◾Club Penguin TV ◾Klumplin and Grump ◾The Adventures Of Qem95 ◾Qem95's Life Problems ◾Ark Warriors ◾Battle For Felipebross' Room ◾The Adventures of Scratcher and friends ◾Doodle Jump: the series ◾Om Nom Stories ◾Fruit Ninja Shorts ◾GoAnimate Grounding Series ◾The Yoylecake Show ◾Evilbross Errors ◾The World of Little Guy ◾Chowder ◾The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack ◾Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends ◾Pete The Paintbot ◾The Misadventures of Puffball & Gelatin ◾Geo's World ◾Game Over: The Series ◾The Super Mario Bros. Super Show ◾The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 ◾Super Mario World ◾Shape Havoc ◾The Koopa Loppa Show ◾Yo-kai Watch ◾The Random Adventures of KoolKat! ◾Alpha & Jonathan ◾Meowflash And FlashMeow's Adventures ◾Competition For Fun-Land ◾Spynet ◾Nega Bross TAS ◾Creepersin Boom

11:16 to 12:59Edit

◾King of the Hill ◾American Dad ◾Family Guy ◾Robot Chicken ◾Aqua Teen Hunger Force ◾Superjail ◾The Cleveland Show ◾Beavis and Butt-Head ◾Creepers Time ◾Klumplin and Grump ◾Creepy Italian Food ◾Creeper Go BOOM! ◾Sonic.exe Hunters (without cens.) ◾GTA SWiw ◾The Greeny Phatom Show ◾Sonic For Hire ◾Sonic.exe For Hire ◾Happy Tree Friends ◾Frenglefart & Jhonathan ◾The Simpsons