Season 1: Edit

Episode title Episode airdate Episode number Eliminated Challenge Winner UFE (Up for Elimination)
How it all began April 5, 2014 0 None None None None
Dodgeball Insanity August 8, 2014 1 None Avoiding Dodgeballs Casino Token, Aquamarine Rectangle, and Antibubble None
Another Show August 15, 2014 2 None Math quiz with 100 questions Team Yummy/Ancient Candles Team Gas
All Candy in a Day August 22, 2014 3 Ice Cream Knife Candy eating contest Team Yummy/Ancient Candles Team Gas
Shape Havoc The Videogame August 29, 2014 4 Pink Butter Videogame contest Team Rectangle Team Gas
Cook, Eat and Try Your Best! September 5, 2014 5 Limeade (accident), Acid Guacamole Bake a cake, eating battle and a triathlon Team Rectangle Team Gas
Circles Can't Fly September 12, 2014 6 Apeirohedron Standing on a boulder roller-coaster ride without falling Team Yummy/Ancient Candles Team Gas
Unprepared for Danger September 19, 2014 7 Expanded Icosidodecahedron 8 thousand kilometer race Team Gas Team Rectangle
Seafood a Crowd September 26, 2014 8 Gold Rectangle, Golygon Cooking seafood for the customer's choice Pink Square, Blue Hexagon Everyone else
Code Cracker October 3, 2014 9 Elimination:
Blue Triangle (prize), Guacamole, Estonian Flag
Challenge 9B: Orange Triangle, Green Hexagon, Red Tetrahedron
1. Mystery worksheet (first challenge), Navigate someone to explore a electric cave and get the treasure without opening it (second challenge)
2. Stay in a haunted house the longest until sunrise
Team Gas Team Rectangle and Team Yummy
All About Triangle October 10, 2014 10 Blue Nonagon Jet-skiing race on a lava lake Team Gas Team Yummy
Lost and Found October 17, 2014 11 Scalene Triangle Find Gray and Green Triangle and Defeat Bowser Team Gas Team Yummy and Rectangle
Children of the Ebola House October 24, 2014 12 Pink Nonagon (Blue Triangle and Apeirohedron rejoins) Healing children that have Ebola Team Gas Team Yummy
Zombie Tag October 31, 2014 13 Celeste Nonagon A game of zombie tag Team Gas Team Rectangle
Tweets in seconds November 7, 2014 14 Lavender Square Get 100 tweets on Twitter in 60 seconds Team Yummy Team Rectangle
Unexpected Obstacles November 14, 2014 15 Purple Square An obstacle course Team Gas Team Yummy
Sports All Stars November 21, 2014 16 Celeste Square A sports challenge Pink Hexagon, Purple Hexagon, and Gold Dodecagon Everyone else
The Turkey Lake November 27, 2014 17a Blue Rectangle Take a boat journey to Lake Manyas (Part 1)
Octuple Trouble November 28, 2014 17b TBA Take a boat journey to Lake Manyas (Part 2)
The Octuple, The Nonuple and the Centuple Romance and Rampage November 29, 2014 17c Gray Octagon Take a boat journey to Lake Manyas (Part 3) Gold Dodecagon and Gray Pentagon Everyone else
The Minecraft Universe December 5, 2014 18 None Mine some metals Lemony Limes Team Blue
The Scandinavian Race December 12, 2014 19 Elimination: Unknown yet, but possibly Blue Hexagon
Challenge: Lavender Hexagon
Lavender Dodecagon
A race to Scandinavia Lemony Limes None (Team Blue lost but not UFE)
Flappy Shapes December 19, 2014 20 Green Octagon Game of Flappy Bird Purple Hexagon, Pink Hexagon, Psuedotriangle, Pink Square, Gold Dodecagon, Gray Pentagon, Green Dodecagon, Lime, Antibubble and Yellow Hexagon Everyone else
The Death of Santa Claus: Part 1 December 25, 2014 21a Nobody Save Santa Claus from execution (Part 1)
The Death of Santa Claus: Part 2 December 26, 2014 21b Nobody Save Santa Claus from execution (Part 2)
The Death of Santa Claus: Part 3 December 27, 2014 21c Nobody Save Santa Claus from execution (Part 3) Lemony Limes None (Team Blue lost but not UFE)
Musical Mayhem January 2, 2015 22 None Create a music video Lemony Limes Team Blue
A Good Movie January 9, 2015 23 None A movie making contest Lemony Limes Team Blue
Italian Object Sculptors January 16, 2015 24 None Create a Colosseum statue Team Blue Lemony Limes